In Loving memory of

Steve Karo

for your contributions to San Diego's Arts & Culture!!


"Steve will be remembered most for his sense of humor, his love of music, his compassion for people less fortunate than he, his love of animals and his sense of justice. " - Mary Karo

Steve Karo performed as a percussionist from Boston to Los Angeles for over 50 years, including many years as percussionist for Starlight Opera at Starlight Bowl. He founded the Save Our Balboa movement when Balboa Theatre faced imminent destruction; He was a founding member of the Balboa Theatre Foundation and listed as agent by the State of California. Karo served as Chairman to Save Starlight's Board, he will be missed dearly by all of us who had the pleasure to work with him.

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San Diego International Fringe Festival

SD FRINGE dedicated the festival to Steve Karo for his contributions to the community & the arts, including Balboa Theatre - San Diego and Save Starlight.


Photo by Ron Logan



End of Year Letter written by Steve Karo as Chairman of Save Starlight's Bowl

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by Roger Showley UT- San Diego